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300 Degree High Temperature Drying Oven

High temperature ovens are required by some applications, where high temperature 300°C to 400°C is required.  Laboratory research and light industrial applications are some of areas where high temperature ovens play important role.

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Product Description

------Internal dimension can be customized
------Different Temperature Can be Choose
------Programmable LCD touch screen controller is optional


300 Degree High Temperature Drying Oven is designed to do a drying test, baking test, heat treatment test, disinfecting test, etc. It can be filled with inert gas and dry some ingredient complex materials quickly. It is applicable for drying, cure, melting and sterilization in industrial and mining enterprises, laboratories and scientific research institutes.

Product Parameters
ModelRHD - 45RHD - 60RHD - 90RHD - 120
Internal Dimension 
W×H×D(mm )
External Dimension 
W×H×D(mm )
650×900×550 700×1200×650850× 1600×7001200× 1680×900
Interior and Exterior
Interior material is SUS 304# stainless steel, 
exterior is stainless steel or  SEE cold-rolled steel with paint coated.
Temperature RangeR.T. to 200;  (300 to 500ºC is optional)
Indication Resolution/
Distribution Uniformity 
of Temperature
0.1ºC/±2.0ºC;( When temperature is 100ºC)
Control Accuracy of 
Temperature Rising 
Temperature rising velocity: from R.T. to 200ºC,needs approx. 35mins
Control MethodMicro PID+SSR+Timer
Storage Shelf Two layers
Viewing WindowWhen temperature is RT to 200ºC ,with viewing widow
When temperature is 200ºC to 500ºC ,without viewing widow
PowerAC 220V 50/60HZ ;    AC 380V  50/60HZ

300 Degree High Temperature test Machine/ Drying Oven Features:
1. Automatic temperature control with digital thermal-sensor
2. Excellent thermal insulation property of ovens wall, lower energy consumption,
3.  Be able to pre-set temperature, digital temperature display with LED panel.
4. Temperature value flashes on indicator when reach preset value.
5.  Circulation fan facility to keep even temperature and uniform heating

Detailed Photos
300 Degree High Temperature Test Machine/ Drying Oven
300 Degree High Temperature Test Machine/ Drying Oven
300 Degree High Temperature Test Machine/ Drying Oven
300 Degree High Temperature Test Machine/ Drying Oven
300 Degree High Temperature Test Machine/ Drying Oven
300 Degree High Temperature Test Machine/ Drying Oven

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Short introduction about ASLi factory:

We are a long history testing equipment manufacturer, in the past 28 years, we devoted to simulation environmental testing equipment and Mechannical vibration and shock testing machine. 300 Degree High Temperature Drying Oven is our star products , and we had obtained the CE certification for this machine .

300 Degree High Temperature Test Machine/ Drying Oven
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