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Walk in Chamber Temperature Aging Room

Walk-In Chambers and Drive-In climate Chambers for aging test

Walk-In Chambers and Drive-In Chambers

ASLI Walk-In Chambers are available in a variety of models and sizes to meet virtually any requirement and/or test application. These chambers are typically used for testing or storing products that require a large capacity chamber.

We provide two primary types of walk-in chamber designs:

1.Modular walk-in chambers utilize foam panels that are connected together to form various size rooms.

2.Welded (Solid) walk-In chambers are fully welded chambers that can withstand high temperature and high humidity along with fast temperature change rates.

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Walk-In Chambers and Drive-In climate Chambers for aging test

Benefits of ASLI Chamber:

Economical to meet the needs of your budget

Easy move-in and assembly

Choice of interior and exterior finishes to meet your laboratory requirements

Configurable to any size to fit your needs

Many years experience for loading test

Perfect linear control testing curve

Laboratory Walk In Temperature Test Chamber is consist of Control Panel, electrical panels, moisturizing plate blower, heater, humidifier, freezer. It provides a large spare to test the temperature and humidity for large-scale parts, semi-finished products, it applied to test products that large-scale or the quantity more, such as: computer terminals, vehicle parts.

Walk in Environmental Temperature Ageing Room Technical Parameters:




Inner Dimensions(cm)

Customers designated space size and design

Temperature Range

RT+10℃~80℃(80℃ ~150℃ is optional)

Indication Resolution / Distribution   Uniformity of Temperature

0.1℃ /±2.5℃;

Control Accuracy of Temperature


Temperature Rising Speed Rate

Temperature rising speed: approx.  0.1~3.0 (℃/min)

Cooling System

Refrigeration by compressor,
according to customer’s  requirements

Protection Devices

Fuse-free switch, overloading protection switch  for compressor,  high and low voltage coolant protection switch, over-temperature protection switch, fuses, fault warning system

Optional Accessories

Slope for cart , Recorder


French Tecumseh Brand, Germany Bizer Brand


AC 380 V,50/60HZ ,3∮ 5 Lines



Corresponding Standard:

1. GB11158 Technical conditions for high-temperature testing room
2. GB10589-89 Technical conditions for low-temperature testing room
3. GB/T10586-89 technical conditions for humidity testing room
4. GB/T2423.1-2001 testing methods for low-temperature
5. GB/T2423.2-2001 testing methods for high-temperature
6. GB/T2423.3-93 technical conditions for humidity testing room
7. GB/T2423.4-93 testing method for alternating hot and humid
8. IEC60068-2-1.1990 testing methods for low-temperature
9. IEC60068-2-2.1974 testing methods for high-temperature
10. GJB150.3 High-temperature test
11. GJB150.4 Low-temperature test
12. GJB150.9 muggy test
13. GB/T2423.22 temperature test


Walk-In Chambers and Drive-In climate Chambers for aging test