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Solar Panels Test Chamber

Power Supply & Current continuity monitoring system

Equipment introduction  

Meet the criteria:  

Uiec61215-mqt10, MQT11, MQT16, MQT20, MQT22  

Uiec61730-mst26, MST34, MST51, MST52,  



Current continuity test system is the company specialized for IEC61215 standard MQT11 high and low temperature cycle experiment clause, MQT12 wet and frozen experiment clause.  The netcol5000-C provides stable DC, current recording, temperature recording, and temperature control functions. The NETCOL5000-C uses temperature control to start the DC power supply, and monitors the multi-channel current and multi-channel temperature in real time for a long time.  Used together with high and low temperature circulating box, it can monitor the internal circuit connectivity of multiple components.  To judge the fatigue resistance of solar cell modules, the rationality of laminating process and the stability of welding quality under the alternating environment of high and low temperature.

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Power Supply & Current continuity monitoring system

  Additional notes:  


1. For the internal circuit conductivity, 25above the Imp current, through the temperature control current on and off, on and off temperature can be set;  

2. The component can pass 1%Imp current, through the temperature control current on and off;  

3. In the heating stage between -40 and 80, the component inside the Imp current, in other stages, the component inside the current is not more than 1%Isc;  

4. Simultaneously meet IEC61215(2005),IEC61215(2016) and IEC61215(2021) standards;

Power Supply

Functional features  

Adopt special heat dissipation channel to avoid the phenomenon of high temperature caused by long-term high current heating and ensure long-term uninterrupted operation of equipment;  

Stable constant current power supply is adopted to avoid overload power failure caused by unstable internal resistance in the case of alternating high and low temperature;  

The single current control function required in the standard is improved, and the multi-channel current recording control function is adopted to realize the independent temperature control function of a single component, to ensure that each component can meet the experimental conditions, while monitoring the temperature performance of each component under the alternating high and low temperature;  

Can communicate with the environment box, monitoring the temperature and humidity data of the environment box;  

Equipped with 5N weight, in the electrification process to apply tension;  

Good man-machine interface, using high quality industrial computer, to ensure long-term stable operation of equipment.  It can monitor the specific data of current and temperature, and obtain the current and temperature curves of the whole process, which can be output and printed in EXCEL form.

Power Supply

Power Supply

Power Supply

power supply


Voltage range: 0-100V;  

Accuracy: 0.2%±40mV;  

source voltage adjustment rate: 0.2%;  

Load adjustment rate: stable voltage 1%, steady flow 2%;  

Working environment: -10 ~ 45;  

Current range: 0-30A;  

accuracy: 0.2%±3mA@200mA/3mA@200mA;


Temperature Sensor  

OMGGA temperature measuring line  

Material: teflon  

Test range: -50 ~ 200;  

Accuracy: ±1%

Data acquisition and control  

Support RS485 communication, support J,K,T,E,R,S and B thermocouple input  

16 bit resolution  

8 differential input  

T /C software configuration, low voltage and current input  

Isolation voltage: 3000 Vdc  

Support Modbus/RTU control  

DC24V power supply


industrial Computer  

42U standard chassis;  

300W power;  

14S4 baseplate (including 4PCI slot);  

ANOVO 7865L CPU Long card;  

CORE E2180;  

4G DDR memory;  

1T hard disk;  

DVD cd-rom drives.  

19 "LIQUID crystal display

Power Supply

Power Supply