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Vibration Shaker and Simulated Transportation Tester

MIL STD 810G Vibration Testing Machine For Electrical Appliances

MIL-STD-810G is a military standard that outlines testing methods and procedures for a variety of environmental conditions that equipment may experience in military operations. One of the tests specified in MIL-STD-810G is vibration testing, which is used to simulate the vibration environment that equipment may experience during transportation or operation.

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MIL STD 810G Vibration Testing Machine For Electrical Appliances

Product Description

A vibration test bench designed to meet MIL-STD-810G requirements typically includes a vibration table that can be set up to simulate different frequencies and amplitudes of vibration. The equipment to be tested is mounted on the vibration table, and then subjected to a range of vibration conditions that simulate transportation or operational vibration environments.

Test capacity:

Fixed frequency, sweep back and forth, sine, random, shock


Automotive electronics device, Motor meter assembly, Automobile storage battery, Automotive electric equipment, Automotive motor, Water-soluble dielectric battery, Safety valve, Auto air conditioning compressor etc.



1. The careful design of the moving coil skeleton, has higher first-order axial resonant frequency
2. Light armature, high stiffness, 3500 Hz frequency.
3. Computer connecting line control, immediately store materials.
4. Display controlling chart.
5. Low resistance and high performance design, high efficiency, low cost.
6. High reliability, low fault.



For Vertical Expander:

VT vertical extended-bench and specified clamps, precision calculated, elaborate design, to ensure the customer acquired the best performance according to perfect structure, high quality material and workmanship.


For Horizontal Expander:

Within small loading bench to realize higher acceleration and working frequency, to improve the loading capacity and performance of whole machine bench.
Horizontal bench and vibration bench are integral type, with perfect structure, convenience to install and adjust.
Static pressure track, V-shape, with capacity of slope-resistant and bias-loading resistant.
Built-in oil pump, good structure and easy operating.


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