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CE of Transportion Simulator CE of Transportion Simulator
CE of Electro Dynamic Vibration Shaker CE of Electro Dynamic Vibration Shaker
Corrosion Test Chamber Corrosion Test Chamber
CE of UV Climate Resistant Aging Test Chamber CE of UV Climate Resistant Aging Test Chamber
WELCOME TO ASLi TEST EQUIPMENT! Established in 1988, ASLi (China) Test Equipment Co., Ltd  is specialize in manufacturing a variety of quality inspection instruments, testing equipments and other high-tech products which mainly include: Programmable constant Temperature & Humidity Test Chamber, High & Low Temperature Test Chamber, High & low Temperature Testers with Rapid Temperature efforts, the company has established itself as a leading provider of testing instruments of the industry, playing a crucial role in the research and development of high-quality and high-value products within the industry.......[Learn more]
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1200C 1100x1000x900mm High Temperature Furnace for lab testing 1200C 1100x1000x900mm High Temperature Furnac TH-800-D Climatic test chamber TH-800-D Climatic test chamber ES-3 Vibration test bench ES-3 Vibration test bench SH-60 salt spray corrosion test chamber SH-60 salt spray corrosion test chamber
Programmable Temperature Humidity Test Chamber Programmable Temperature Humidity Test Chambe Temperature humidity chamber Temperature humidity chamber Temperature Humidity Vibration Combined Test System Temperature Humidity Vibration Combined Test (PCT chamber/unsaturation type ) Pressure Cooker Test (PCT chamber/unsaturation type ) Pressure Coo
Thermal shock test chamber Thermal shock test chamber (HAST Chamber/ saturation type ) Highly Accelerated Stress Test Chamber (HAST Chamber/ saturation type ) Highly Accel Xenon Test Chamber Xenon Test Chamber Stability test chamber Stability test chamber
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SOV-3020 3D video measuring machine CNC Export to Tunisia It seemed that 2015 year is the particular period for us to meet particularly customers. Our customer Mr.J Jalel from Tunisia! He pauchased 3D video measuring machine from us. Actually they already contacted wit .......[Learn more]
Nice to Meet You --Poland Thermal Shock Test Chamber We have some customer with business in Poland. But very nice , I meet her--Kxxx. Kasia is a very nice person. Every time when i called , she will answer with smile. at 6th, July, we start our first order , therma .......[Learn more]
Australian Order--Simulated Transport VibrationTester Happy to meet a Austrial Customer--Mr.David ! Mr.David is a very frank customer. No, if say customer, i would more lik to take him as a friend . At 25th, June , Mr.David ask for a Simulated Transport Vibrati .......[Learn more]
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