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Solar Panels Test Chamber

PID Tester for solar reliability / PID chamber

Meet the criteria:  

UIEC61215 - MQT21  


With more and more photovoltaic applications and larger scale of power stations, more and more problems of solar cell modules have been exposed, such as power reduction, poor insulation and delamination.  After years of research, it has been found that a large part of the problems in the application process of components is due to leakage current between the internal conductor and the ground (through the border).  Long-term leakage current will cause changes in the state of the carrier and depletion layer of the cell, corrosion of the contact resistance in the circuit, electrochemical corrosion of the packaging material and other problems, resulting in power attenuation of the cell, increase of series resistance, reduced light transmittance, delamination and other phenomena affecting the long-term power generation and life of the component.

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         Functional features


The photovoltaic module frame end is grounded, which not only simulates the actual situation, but also prevents the potential danger caused by the frame high pressure in the testing process;  

For each component, the 4-wire test method is adopted, 2 high-voltage wires and 2 ground wires. The high-voltage wires are connected with the components internally through the junction box, and the ground wires are connected with the frame or connected in other effective positions.  

Each channel is independent of each other, the polarity of the voltage of each channel and the time can be set separately;  

Voltage, leakage current, insulation resistance display at the same time;  

Real-time monitoring of voltage, leakage current, insulation resistance curve;  

The screen shows the test situation and records the data in the test;  

All monitoring data can be exported in Excel, CSV, and other formats  

Enter the component serial number, test period, and test name to query historical data and curves  

Alarm parameters are set separately, such as overcurrent alarm and undervoltage alarm.

PID Tester for solar reliability / PID chamber

PID Tester for solar reliability / PID chamber

PID Tester for solar reliability / PID chamber

Technical parameters


        power supply:  

Voltage range: -2000 ~ 2000V;  

Voltage accuracy: 0.5%FS;  

Voltage resolution: 1V;  

Current capacity: 10mA;


      Current Sensor:  

Test range: -1 ~ 1mA;  

Test accuracy: 0.5%FS;  

Resolution: 0.001mA.

 PID Tester for solar reliability / PID chamber

PID Tester for solar reliability / PID chamber

PID Tester for solar reliability / PID chamber

      Data acquisition card  

Support RS485 communication, support 0-5V, 0-10V, 4-20mA signal input  

14 bit resolution  

20 analog input  

T /C software configuration, low voltage and current input  

Isolation voltage: 3000 Vdc   

Support Modbus/RTU control  

DC24V power supply


        industrial computer

Control cabinet: 4U standard cabient;  

Power supply: 300W;  

Baseplate: 14S4 (including 4PCI slot);  

Long card: ANOVO 7865L CPU;  

Memory: 4G DDR;  

Hard disk: 1 TB;  


Monitor: Dell-IN1940MW.



Material: silica gel;  

Pressure grade: 25KV;  

Core diameter: 0.5mm², multi-strand copper wire;  

Operating temperature: -60-250;  

Outer diameter: 5.8mm;  

Length: standard 6m/ set;